Friday, June 17, 2005

What Century Is This?

I know our illustrious capital city isn't the fashion mecca that my co-blogger's new hometown is, but really people, do grown men and women have to make "Let's Be Twins" dates to wear seersucker?

If you're confused, I direct you here:

Yes, that's a photo of several U.S. senators wearing seersucker for the annual "Let's Look Like its Birmingham in 1935 and Wear Seersucker Day." I'm guessing its some lame southern tradition going back to 1901 where senators really didn't have anything better way to entertain themselves than to dress up like dorks. The American public already thinks that our elected officials are dorks, but did they have to go this far?

And, I know what you're thinking...this is really worse than "Hawaiian Shirt Day."


Moxy said...

I saw a guy in a seersucker suit ont he metro last week and I have to tell you, it made my day!

Murphy's Lawyer said...

I don't hate the 'Sucker myself, but seeing that up close and personal yesterday left a very strange impression. Somebody brave enough to wear one on their own, fine. This fraternityesque disply...unsettling. I'm working hard to stifle less friendly assessments - but you knew that already, right Elle?

Murphy's Lawyer said...

Um...that should have been "display."

Bruiser Woods said...

I like the GOP gang in seersucker. It makes them look like ice cream salesmen. Very non-threatening.

Lloyd61 said...

Last Friday there was a guy in PINK seersucker pants... Now THAT is a guy who is a VERY secure male.