Friday, June 03, 2005

Dance Fever

I’m the first person to profess love for ballroom dancing, however, network television’s aim to make it mainstream has seriously gone awry. Just as important, I’m also the first person to dig a little cheese on television, but really, I’ll keep my cheese limited to teen dramas and the only talent show worth watching.

So, for “research” purposes, I tuned in to ABC’s new show that couples D-rate celebrities with seemingly equal D-rate ballroom dancers to waltz-offs and cha-cha-offs. Joining in on the fun are the pseudo-snooty dancing judges and America dialing in to vote on their favorite.

My question is: how many call-in votes could a ridiculous show like this actually get? In typical fashion, American is stupider than I can ever imagine, since “Dancing with the Stars” was the most watched program Wednesday night. I’m guessing it was the handsome blue-eyed Joey McIntyre that brought in the voters, rather than some annoying chick from “General Hospital” or Mr. Peterman from “Seinfeld” (although he seemed moderately dashing as he was gliding around the dance floor).

Perhaps networks should remember back to simpler times with some good cheese-sleaze dancing on Dance Fever every Saturday afternoons. That Adrian Zmed really was a hot number.


Bruiser Woods said...

Joey McIntyre handsome? Since when? Frankly, I get enough of him just by watching Hollywood Squares.

I think I boycotted "Dancing..." because it is hosted by Triscut, er, I mean Trista. She has no right to as much television coverage as she gets.

Dance Fever was amazing. I attribute all my dancefloor prowise to the hard-working contestants on that classic program.

Elle Woods said...

Actually, your little hottie gal Trista was a contestant. None other than the second host of AFV, Tom *something*, is the host.

And yes, I've seen you slip and slide across the dance floor...I know where you learned your moves ;) If only you would wear your shirt unbuttoned like Adrian Zmed though...

Bruiser Woods said...

Oh, well, now that I'm a New Yorker I've upped by fashionability. All unbuttoned, all the time.

Tom *something* is Tom Bergeron, who also doubles as host of Hollywood Squares! A true entertainer!

Murphy's Lawyer said...

No comment other than this: Excellent Adrian Zmed reference.

The Goddess said...

I hate myself for having watched some of this. In my defense, the remote was out of arm's reach.

But, now that I've confessed this deep, dark, secret... a little bit of dish! Wasn't Reduced-Fat Triscuit a Miami Heat dancer? (and I don't know how I know that, since I did not watch the Bachelorette or the Bachelor) For someone who once got paid to dance, she was pretty mediocre. And, I can't imagine who thought Evander Holyfield might possibly have an ounce of rhythm.

I, also, wondered who on earth would actually call in to vote, even if, like me, there were oddly mesmerized by the weirdness. I can also only assume that when they say "the most-watched show on Wednesday nights," the fine print that they don't say aloud is "among people ages 50-74, in wheelchairs, without cable."