Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Just like the lovely Living Colour song (look it up on iTunes if you've never heard it), it seems as if the world has moved into nothingness. No more "American Idol" (really, no more Constantine) to torture myself with every week, and hopefully soon, no more of Britney's horrid show "Chaotic" (it has to be cancelled already, doesn't it??).

So, perhaps I'll take a card from the lame Bush twins book and continue on in nothingness. It seems as if these fine gals have nothing to do with their time. Check this out: http://www.wonkette.com/politics/white-house/bush-twins-unemployment-index-may-edition-101814.php

What do they do in all their nothingness? Would they be like me and catch up on their DVR'ed 90210 reruns? Are they planning on being groupies for the nationwide "American Idol" tour? Or perhaps they didn't get turned down to perform for the new Live Aid, like the Spice Girls did.

Regardless, it seems that the twins follow their father in not caring about jobs and unemployment in this country (which, of course, is just one of the many issues their dad doesn't seem to care about, but that's a story for another time).

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Carrie wins!!!

Ok...so Murph's post about shunning crap reality TV must have hit me at a particularly vulnerable moment in my life because i decided to BOYCOTT the big finale tonight (I watched a DVD and did dishes instead). I did tune in at 9:55 to catch the crowning of Carrie Underwood, who will now be blessed with all the magic celebrity that has blessed the post-Idol careers of Ruben (he starred in an episode of "Life on a Stick"!!!) and Fantasia (she had a Disney movie named after her!!!). May the drop of her new single succeed mightily!

One question though -- did I see Kenny G on stage at the end of the last song Bo sang on the show (and that he will ever sing in front of more people than can fit in a roadside karaoke saloon)? What was that about? For a moment I wondered if I had bought a bad case of PBR or something.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Has Everything Been Taken Over by the Red States?

Alongside my blogger co-host, and on the eve of the American Idol finale, I also need to comment on this important event. As a big fan, I look forward to watching the show every week (I mea really..is there anything else to watch on TV besides this and the Food Network?). While my deep love dwindled somewhat following the departure of my darling charismatic Constantine, I still have a special place in my heart for AI.

So, here we are left with two southerners...one from Oklahoma and one from Alabama. Is everything in America now driven by red states? We, unfortunately, have a red state president, but do we have to have a red state American Idol too? Sadly, it seems inevitable at this moment.

Are blue state people just not voting in ANYTHING anymore? Do blue state people just think they are above voting for anything all together? How much longer are the blue states going to stand aside and let the red states rule everything?

Monday, May 23, 2005

"Songs with titles that feature the same number of syllables as your first pet's name"...or something

OK...my sister-in-blogitude and I have hashed this one out before, but I thought I'd open it up to public discussion:

As tomorrow night is the last night our American Idols will be singing as if their lives depended on it, what do you think would be an apt theme for the songs of the evening?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

"You Suck!"

So the other night I went to see Revenge of the Sith at a local cineplex. As soon as the lights went dark, someone in the capacity crowd shouted “You suck!!!” Now, as far as I know, the fellow who shouted it wasn’t directing this diatribe at anyone in particular, but seemed intent on eliciting a general reaction of laughter from his fellow audience members. And he succeeded – we all thought it was hilarious. But I couldn’t help but wonder why. What is so funny about anonymously yelling “You suck!” in a darkened theater – except that it IS funny?

Any thoughts? Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? Am I making too much of this? Is this a common occurrence (outside of at pro wrestling matches, where any number of things or people in the room do, indeed, suck)?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Strange gifts.

Seems as if I have a not-so-secret admirer. I get envelopes full of “unique” presents. These presents include: one steak-shaped dog treat, a mini yellow crocheted change purse, Aveeno lotion, lipstick in the shade of “raisin,” a sparkly stuffed snowman, a toy airplane, ribbons naming me “Affiliate Association President”, a PowerPuff girl pencil, travel alarm clock, a picture of a man and sunflowers, on teaspoon of snow from the Great Salt Lake, a tea bag, and two pieces of magnetic words.

Are these individual items supposed to have specific meaning? Or even more, put all together, do they symbolize something?

Regardless, thank you not-so-secret admirer!
A wise person (otherwise known as my co-blogger here) once commented: "Uhhh...I try to erase AI performances from my biological harddrive immediately upon the crownig of a new champ. Frees up the memory space for capacity to ponder things such as the direction of Britney's career..."

Such wise words...perhaps we should delve into that exact issue
...how long will the craptastic UPN keep this show on? I've watched my share of crappy programs, and this one is the lowest of the low. At least Jessica Simpson's husband is HOT. K-Fed has NOTHING to offer the general public, except apparently very active sperm.

In about 20 years, we'll see some type of scandalous "Behind the Music" special on Britney....

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Where do we start? Well, I guess first is welcome. Welcome, many readers, to our new blog. Since my fellow blogger and I have extremely similar interests and thoughts yet are seperated by a few hundred miles, we thought we'd bring our charm and humor together in one space. Miles may be between us, but the wonderous world of the almighty Internet keeps us joined.

Anyway, our fair readers, feel free to read our fine commentary, comment back to us, and sip the drink of your choice while doing so.