Monday, June 06, 2005

Bill, I’ll Miss You

From my earliest days in the press office of a certain senator, I sat at my desk everyday glued to CNN and my favorite television news reporter, Bill Hemmer. So, it comes with much sadness that CNN announced his departure today, “Bill Hemmer has decided to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and we wish him the best. Bill is a highly respected colleague and I know that everyone who worked with Bill over the years will miss him.”

I can’t count the days I strode in late to work and caught the last half hour of CNN Morning with Bill and Daryn (Kagan). A certain coworker and I were always happy to hear there was a hurricane brewing, since Bill would likely be there to cover the disaster. He always looked his best when wet in the midst of heavy rain and wind, outfitted in a windbreaker and glasses (he didn’t wear glasses in the studio). Bill was also there for some dark days in my life -- when he was posted in Florida for the recount, and even when evildoers were attempting a ridiculous task of impeaching a president. Yet, the days of evil Republicans were always happier when I could gaze at Bill.

So Bill, I bid you adieu. I hope exciting new opportunities come your way. And if you end up on Fox News, there will be hell to be paid.


Bruiser Woods said...

No word on where Bill will go? It could well be that he was lured by the temptations of Fox's foxes. I mean, heck, they got Geraldo, didn't they?

BTW, Ted Turner's comments at a recent 25th anniversary event for CNN made him my new hero. That channel really has gone to the dogs.

Elle Woods said...

Here's more quotes from today's paper's about ole Bill. Sounds like Bill didn't do what the CNN gods wanted him to do, so he's gone.

(And yes, CNN was much groovier with Ted Turner in the mix. How Ted would stand up against Fox News would be very intriguing to see.)

The quotes:

"I wanted to improve the chemistry in the morning," said Jonathan Klein, president of CNN, adding Miles O'Brien would be better at "sharing the spotlight" with his co-anchor.

CNN offered Hemmer the senior White House correspondent slot, but he turned it down because he saw it as a demotion, according to a high-ranking CNN executive speaking on condition of anonymity.

"Without confirming or denying what specific roles were offered to him, Bill rightfully expects he can have his choice of jobs going forward, so he's dreaming big dreams," says CNN/U.S. chief Jon Klein of his first on-air change since arriving Dec. 14.
"I think he'll do fine out there. Bill's a very talented anchor. I have nothing bad to say about him."