Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Magic Bullet - Another Ridiculous Product?

Continuing the idea of the previous post regarding the crap Americans purchase, I'd like to play homage to the Magic Bullet. The infomercial wows its studio panel with individual margaritas and insta-salsa. While I always giggled at the infomercial on Saturday mornings, I never dreamed I would be a somewhat co-owner of this item until my lovely boyfriend/co-homeowner was given one for his 29th birthday.

It sat in the box several days while we decided whether to keep it or not. But finally, we broke into the juicer portion of the bullet. Yes, I was a naysayer about the potential magic that the bullet could perform, but I was wrong. The little bullet really delivers! It juiced us some tasty peach-apple juice. It zizzed some groovy gazpacho. What will be next? A cereal smoothie? A frozen beer blend? Frankly, the Magic Bullet is just as amazing as the Turbo Cooker!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Let's go shopping...for crap!

I need to write God a thank you note, 'cos He delivered a little piece of heaven into my mailbox the other day. That's right...I'm talking about the latest Harriet Carter catalog!!!

So much to choose from! Should I get the Hide-A-Pipe Stump, the Color-Changing Lighthouse, or the Eggstractor???

And best of all -- this is a suburban Philadelphia company. Pennsylvania pride, baby!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kooky Countries

I just found this article just downright bizarre. How do leaders, or anyone, become this strange? The naming months of the calendar after family members really brings me a few giggles. I guess Turkmenistan will have to be crossed off my possible future vacation spots list.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Craiglist: A Plethora of Fabulousness

Craigslist postings constantly amuse me. Here are two goodies found today by Lloyd61. Thanks, Hoochie.
POSTS: A Really Lame Life and Porntastic. Both are just so bizarre.

I Miss Mix Tapes/CDs

It seems the wonderous invention of the iPod has thrown the idea of mix tapes or cds onto the shelves of the past. Every scroll of the wheel comes a mix of old and new favorites when you are porting around Steve Jobs' piece of genius.

Here is a nice little story about the deep contributions of mixes. They really are the stories of our lives.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mini Review: The New Willy Wonka

Two chocolate bars up to the new Willy Wonka movie. I caught the vibrant, colorful and amusing movie last evening with a bunch of four to seven year olds (it wan an early movie). I'm not sure what was funnier: Johnny Depp's giddy performance or the little kids giggling at the movie.

The movie was darker than the original, fortunately losing some of the sappy sentimentality that Gene Wilder and the script brought to the original. However, it did have a slighty sweet subplot of Willy Wonka being the tortured child of an evil dentist, also serving as a reference to another creepy Depp character, Edward Scissorhands (he too was wacky due to his parents). This was a nice tongue-in-cheek nod to the pop psychology permeating our world.

The kids in the movie had a cool cartoon-like appearance, and were pleasantly updated for 2005, but were somewhat under-directed. I would have liked a little more sassiness or silliness from their characters. Group dance numbers were performed by an odd-looking single Oompa Loompa computer-multipled to many. Thankfully, there were new songs to sing (aren't we all tired of the old song?). But really, this was a movie focused on one man: Johnny Depp. I'm not normally a Depp fan, but I found myself laughing at his well-written, and well-delivered one-liners and wanting more.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Everything is funnier out of context

In the spirit of my co-blogger's recommendation that we all recall the mirth of the Vent Line, I stumbled across another gem of a website that a friend had introduced me to a little over a year ago. The Found Magazine website features images of photos, notes, and other random crap that people have just found lying around this wacky world of ours.

I must say that I let loose a particularly hearty chortle over the 08 May 2005 "Find of the Week".

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Virginia is for Apple lovers

Seems residents of the Old Dominion know a good deal when they see one. I'm not sure I'd pee on myself for a cheap 4-year-old iBook, but you gotta admire that kind of determination. Or not.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are YOU Ready for the Next AI Auditions?

Help is here for the thousands (and I know who you are) who plan on auditioning for America's favorite TV show, "American Idol." I'm sure this book will help you make it straight to Randy, Simon and Paula. And if not, I'm guessing there are several other "services" that will show you how to make it big on Idol, with three easy payments of $49.95. Thanks to a loyal reader for sharing this important piece of information. And, if you make it big and get to meet Constantine, please give me some love.

He Only Wished He Was a Showgirl

I stood in stunned silence on Tuesday night when I caught a glimpse of ESPN's newest star. Everyone's second favorite "Saved by the Bell" star, Mario Lopez (second after Elizabeth Berkley, of course), is now the co-anchor of "ESPN-Hollywood." I'll try not to commet on a sports network having their own version of "Access Hollywood."

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August in Washington

It's August in Washington, and that means everyone has left town, traffic barely exists, and people exchange real thought for daydreams. It's a glorious time really, except for the annoying heat. Perhaps it's in the same in NYC, from where my co-blogger has escaped. I'm confident that he'll have crazy tales to share about his time on our friendly west coast when he returns. So, as you can tell, this all really means I'm bored at the moment, so I'm adding the very first photos to the blog! Whooo!

What could be better than a photo and news about my fave Idol? In fact, just today, a new album came out today with a song by Constantine. This Queen tribute album has his version of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Hopefully, it will tie me over until he has his own album come out one day (and not the crap he does with his oddly-named band).

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Germans: They Really Do Make Neat Stuff

A sassy and silly reader of this blog sent along this link yesterday -- thanks Lloyd61. The Germans are very inventive people. First the uber fun-driving Volkswagon (particularly the extra-fun, sportiest, most affordable convertible on the market -- the Cabrio -- may they resurrect it again one day), and now this important contribution to the world.

Besides being a little icky, this item really is public service, entertainment, and political activism rolled up into one. It warns people not to step into excrement, is generally funny, and it involves people in the political process. Only the Germans could have engineered something so intricate.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Flashing Lights and Gelato

Besides our Canadian friends' funny way of talking (Mazda is pronounced with a flat "a"), our Canadian friends are very obsessed with blinking green traffic lights and gelato. Every other block (meaning the blocks without Starbucks), you'll see gelato stores here in Vancouver. Who knew these people were so obsessed with the Italian ice cream -- there really is no logical explanation. Perhaps I'll survey people on the street today.