Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A cry for help?

Since wasting an hour of my life last night watching the "Runaway Bride" interview on NBC, I have become hyper-sensitive to "cries for help". The last thing I want is to wind up on a Greyhound bus in Albuquerque...unless, of course, it is a Chinatown bus and I have a seat at the front.

That said, I think I must need professional help. Why? Because I just laughed riotously loud at a sight gag on the CBS sitcom "Yes, Dear". It is bad enough that I was watching that insipid program, but to actually find it entertaining? That is a true cry for help.

1 comment:

Elle Woods said...

You are a sad sad man. Please, stop now and seek cable ASAP. YOu clearly really need it.