Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Also Heart Bacon Choco!

It is about time I helped out my Blog Buddy and posted something, so I thought I'd report on a find I found in the Whole Foods near the Franklin Institute in motownphilly ("Boyz 2 Men, ABC, BBD -- the east coast family...") the other day. I'm pretty sure Elle was the first to introduce me to the idea of this before, but this was my first opportunity to experience it firsthand -- bacon infused chocolate.

Had to try it. And hard as it may be to believe, 4 out of 4 Olney residents agree it tastes dreamy. A wonder combo of sweet and salty. And the tender bacon bits (not Bacos, mind you) dance on your toungue with more abandon than David Gregory dancing on the Today Show set.

We Heart Curling

While you may know my affinity for ice/snow/chilly sports, few may know that I spent many hours watching curling during the 2006 Olympics. I literally was late for work everyday because I was home watching curling (no lie, it was on in the mornings). And Bruiser is also an enthusiast, having actually gone to a curling open practice!

Well, apparently curling will be coming to primetime TV in 2009 via "Rockstar Curling," a new reality show looking for the USA's next curling star. Celebrities (including secret curling lovers Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen) are being recruited to participate, or act as hosts.

For more important details, check out this Salon story and an item from EngadgetHD.

This show pretty much rules. Although to be honest, I'd prefer "Rockstar Ice Dancing." Way more sexy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Casa de Yummy

I'm perplexed why people would name their business "Yummy House." But yes, this is a real photo, of a real place, taken near Tybee Island, Georgia.  Since this was likely a Chinese restaurant, I hope "yummy" translates to something that is more meaningful in Chinese.

Big TV for Big Election

Since it is Potomac - Chesapeake - StatesCaughtintheMiddle Primary Day, I figured there was no better way to celebrate this festive day than to ponder watching the election results on a 150 inch TV. What do the candidates look like when life size? Is Rev. Huckabee even scarier as he shares his brand evil with the world? Do you fear that Walnuts is verbally threatening you while sitting on the couch?

Debuted earlier this year at CES, the 150 inch TV is a beacon of hope for the future regardless of who wins the primary. This TV is even more amazing for the fair town of Washington, as it is probably bigger than the recently shuttered Dupont Circle craphole movie theaters!

And for those outside of DC that don't give a shiz, this TV might be perfect for watching WWE RAW on Telemundo.