Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Peanut Butter....Vodka!

Yes, it's true -- I made peanut butter vodka. When I've mentioned this concoction over the past few weeks, folks have registered their disgust, suspicion, intrigue, and delight. However, following a tasting by four tough critics (a bartender, a vodka martini addict, an individual with a trained palate and a beer-only drinker) and myself, reviews were unanimously, and surprisingly, favorable!

As part of the tasting, the PB vodka was sipped straight and then added to two cocktails. Cocktail #1 had the vodka mixed with Godiva chocolate liquor, Frangelico and Bailey's. Cocktail #2 had the vodka mixed with espresso and chocolate sauce. Cocktail #1 was the clear favorite, as one could clearly taste the PB vodka. It would fit well on any fancy martini menu. Soon I'll be concocting the PB&J tini with the PB vodka and chambord. Details will be noted at a later time.

Lastly, a note of thanks. I couldn't have conceived this breakthrough vodka flavor without the inspiration of Mr. Tini. So, thank you Mr. Tini, thank you.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Project Semi-Cult Runway

You, too, can dress like a semi-cult member. The women of the Texas "Big Love"-like FLDS compound have started their own business making and selling their traditional clothing. At their online store, be sure to check out the odd sizing -- as in, what does size 14C mean? And they even sell the magic underwear. Fun! I really hope to see regular people on the streets of Philly wearing these ensembles. Snap!

[Pictured to the left is the "Teen Princess Dress" available in several colors. Somehow I think the FLDS version of princess is different than mine...]

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gobbled Dreams

Once upon a time, there was a strange motel and restaurant set in Wisconsin. Built in the shape of a turkey (if viewed from the sky), it was aptly named "The Gobbler." Lore has it that a friend of mine was conceived in one of the rooms (well, that's the story...his parents definitely were Gobbler visitors, but there is no concrete evidence of conception...he likely just doesn't want to think about his own conception).

The Gobbler was a getaway spot of Midwestern dreams. The fine establishment had nooks and crannies like "The Passion Pit", purple rooms with carpeted walls, and a Pepto-colored rotating bar room. Full of faux stone, purple and pink vinyl furniture, plastic chairs, a Brady Bunch-style carport, purple-carpeted bending hallways, circular beds, and even an eye-shaped window, the Gobbler was a truly unique slice of life.

Sadly, the motel and its rooms of love are gone. It was purposely burned by the local fire dept. earlier this century (claiming the fire peeps needed to practice). Apparently people in the 21st century cannot appreciate mid-20th century architecture and beauty.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Words of Rodeo

No deeper words have ever been practiced by an elementary school student than the words in this photo.  It is even stranger that this was written in a New Orleans school, no where near Mexico, New Mexico, Texas or other rodeo-practicing state.  I can only hope the student uses these same meaningful words when cursive writing starts.

[This was a real photo taken in New Orleans last month.]

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sitcoms Rule

A TV tabloid site has chosen the worst sitcoms ever. I find the inclusion of Mr. Belvedere, My Two Dads, Charles in Charge and Double Trouble appalling. These are 80's classics! And don't even get me started on Small Wonder, a TV gem leaving kids everywhere begging their parents for a robotic sibling.

While we are all tired of lists about this or that, I highlight this list simply because the beautiful sitcom seems to be disappearing from current TV lineups. I love sitcoms, but children aren't growing up with great sitcoms anymore. There are no classic sitcoms on TV in 2008 (other than the modern-day cartoon sitcoms like Family Guy). Some may say CBS delivers a few to the airwaves, but really, CBS is just lame.

To add to the list dialogue, below are a few of my least fave sitcoms that the PopCrunch folks neglected to list (in no particular order):
  • Alf - pure torture delivered by an annoying, furry animal.
  • Beverly Hillbillies - even for "early days" sitcoms, this is unwatchable!
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun - Aliens plus John Lithgow equals absurdity.
  • Harry and the Hendersons - Alf failed, why would this be any better? Even more scary is that this show was on for three seasons.
  • Step by Step - Suzanne Somers jumped the shark with this family crap.
  • Dharma & Greg - lead characters not interesting enough for a show, with Jenna Elfman annoying everyone.
  • Ned & Stacey - yet another show with boring characters. Do people really get married for a good apartment?
  • Three's a Crowd - one of the dumber ideas for a spinoff. Poor Jack Tripper.
  • Roseanne - yeah, I know some people really dig this show, but Roseanne was annoying and hard to watch. Same with her lug of a husband.
For a full list of sitcoms, visit your pals at Wikipedia (this is an awesome list).

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Real Media Tastes Vodka

Seems as BusinessWeek has also taken up vodka tasting (it is an admirable hobby). While STSS agrees with some of the results (like Ketel One getting 4 stars), we don't think our cheap fave Finlandia deserves only 2 stars.

For STSS results of our own vodka project, check out our tastings:

- Take Cinco de Mayo - Take 4 - Part Tres - Part Deux - Numero Uno
And more to come soon!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sadder Than a Trip to Wally World

We've all seen the images of the post-Katrina New Orleans, but nothing brings the story to life like an empty, left-behind amusement park. I spotted Six Flags New Orleans on the edge of the city just last week, complete with a fenced-off entrance and tall weeds growing almost as high as the sign. It seems that roller coasters and other rides sadly handled the storm better than many area homes and businesses (good to know for amusement park riders for future references; obviously unfortunate for NO dwellers).

Gazing at this abandoned ferris wheel (with the seats still locked on) is sadder than when the Griswolds drove up to a closed Wally World. Now, the park's only visitors are surely just Daphne, Scooby Doo and the gang sifting around at night looking for a strange robot named Charley (see episode "Foul Play at Funland").

[FYI, the sign says "Closed For Storm." And, can't Dan Snyder do any better than this?]