Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Peanut Butter....Vodka!

Yes, it's true -- I made peanut butter vodka. When I've mentioned this concoction over the past few weeks, folks have registered their disgust, suspicion, intrigue, and delight. However, following a tasting by four tough critics (a bartender, a vodka martini addict, an individual with a trained palate and a beer-only drinker) and myself, reviews were unanimously, and surprisingly, favorable!

As part of the tasting, the PB vodka was sipped straight and then added to two cocktails. Cocktail #1 had the vodka mixed with Godiva chocolate liquor, Frangelico and Bailey's. Cocktail #2 had the vodka mixed with espresso and chocolate sauce. Cocktail #1 was the clear favorite, as one could clearly taste the PB vodka. It would fit well on any fancy martini menu. Soon I'll be concocting the PB&J tini with the PB vodka and chambord. Details will be noted at a later time.

Lastly, a note of thanks. I couldn't have conceived this breakthrough vodka flavor without the inspiration of Mr. Tini. So, thank you Mr. Tini, thank you.