Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sweet synergy!!!

Too poor to legally pay for songs online? Too afraid of the wrath of Lars Ulrich to steal music from some dodgy Napster imitation? Well here's a free and fun way to fill that iPod of yours with something more wholesome than audio porn!

Thanks to a brilliant collaboration between my favorite central Pennsylvania chocolate company and our current American Idol, free MP3 downloads of Kerry "Rising Country Star" Underwood renditions of candy jingles are now available on the Hershey's website. Genius!

Just think - if Bo had tried just a little harder, he could have become a candy hustler. Poor schmuck...


The Goddess said...

Dare to dream, Bo; dare to dream.

I must say that "Sugar Money" is a decent band name.

Elle Woods said...

Um, co-blogger, better learn to spell "Carrie's" name correctly when posting. You don't want her to come and get ya.

And speaking of her, PETA just named Ms. Underwood one of the two sexiest vegetarians (along with the over-affected-annoying Chris whats-his-name from Coldplay).