Monday, July 18, 2005

Public Access: An Untapped Resource

I watch very little public access TV, but I'm so glad I did last evening since I caught the weekly edition of "Inside the Squared Circle." I hadn't seen this show in a while, and had forgotten the minutes and minutes of amusement it brings me on a late Sunday evening. (For Monkey County readers, check out channel 19 at 10:30pm on Sundays. It's also on DC and Arlington cable, but I don't know when). You may notice a similarity between that show, and this blog's name -- and if so, you're right. This blog was inspired by this fine show and the joy it brings to all.

Where else would you see a show that joins a man wearing an uber-skimpy tank top who calls himself "Massive Mike" sitting next to "Will the Worm," a man who suspiciously looks like an accountant from the 80s decked out in a tie and suspenders. And let us not forget "The Critic" who always has his fishbowl of "generic insults" waiting for callers that he does not like.

This show debates and discusses the latest in wrestling news, sprinkled with a bit of commentary about the DC area. It's not only a wrestling resource (How else would I know there is a new wrestling organization where the ring has 6 sides), but also a bit of hope that there is TV out there for everyone. I mean come on, this is breakthrough stuff.

We need to thank whomever allows this kind of programming to make our airwaves. Its this kind of TV that saves me from another horrid singing reality show (such as that show that searches for the next INXS lead singer -- its just pathetic), and gives me faith in TV's future.

Sidenote for my co-blogger: There was a commercial during the show last night that had Syrus from the "Real World" saying something. I just caught the end of it. And, the Dudley Boys and the Hardy Boys have been released from Vinny Mac's wrestling conglomeration.


Bruiser Woods said...

Oh dear, how I miss ITSC. Now that I am no longer a "Monkey County" resident, the only time I get to see "Will the Worm" is when he appears on CSPAN as his alter ego - a reporter covering Pentagon news conferences. It just isn't the same. Falling asleep on Sunday nights is that much harder, too, without visions of Bodacious Becky dancing in my head.

Six-sided ring wrestling is the new black, man. Everyone knows that. TNA rules! And they now have Raven! And Sean Waltman, aka the artist formerly known as X-Pac, aka the freaky boyfriend of Chyna/Joanie on the season of Surreal Life that featured Jane Wiedlin. I've always loved Jane Wiedlin.

No more Dudley Boys? Did Spike get a little too friendly with Stephanie McMahon? Or has the rising price of oil meant that WWE had to cut corners and reduce its table budget?

I watched a little WWE last week (by chance...really!) and was amazed to see...the return of the BLUE WORLD ORDER!!! That's right, kids - Stevie Richards of the oh-so-tight Daisy Dukes is back as the fearless leader of this motley crew. And it seemed to me that the Blue Meanie has lost a good deal of weight since his ECW Arena days. Look out!

Elle Woods said...

Blue Meanie?!?!? Stevie Richards??! I think I'm going to flip to SpikeTV now!

I had totally forgotten about Will's alter ego. Accountant...geeky reporter...they really look the same here in Washington.

But sadly, last night I did not get to see Bodacious Becky. I hope she is still on the show though!

Elle Woods said...

I take it back...I can't watch wrestling. I flipped there adn saw Hulk Hogan blabbing. That is soooo 1985.

Bruiser Woods said...

Hulk Hogan??? He's not a wrestler. He's a doting father! I know because VH1 told me so. He's the greatest dad since Danny Tanner!

Elle Woods said...

Danny Tanner is in stiff competition with Jim Walsh!

Bruiser Woods said...

Jim Walsh? He raised a harlot who gave up her precious virginity at the junior prom, and then abandoned his children so he could go run a sweatshop in Hong Kong! That's no kind of father!

When I think dad I think Howard Cunningham (Happy Days), Carl Winslow (Family Matters), James Evans (Good Times), and, of course, Uncle Phillip (Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Now they could father!

Elle Woods said...

OK, you win with Uncle Phillip...but wait! What about Jason Seaver? Tony Macelli? Oh oh...and of course, Steven Keaton.

Bruiser Woods said...
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