Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The End is Near

Forget Supreme Court nominations (we knew the nomination would be a lame, boring white man anyways), my favorite news anchor of all time, Bill Hemmer, is jumping to the "we-really-don't-do-news-we-do-conservative commentary-yet-don't-admit-it" network according to today's WashPo. This is extremely sad news, and from this point on, Mr. Hemmer is on my banned list.

Bill, how could you do this to yourself, and to me? You are worse than a typical media whore now! So, its off to find me a new cable news love. I'm taking suggestions. Feel free to post them.


Anonymous said...

Handsome is as handsome does. Good for Hemmer! Shows he is not just another pretty face. He's a real journalist. He left CNN (otherwise known as the Propaganda Department of the DNC) and has joined the only broadcast news organization that has any journalistic integrity, Fox News.

Elle Woods said...

Anon, you're a crazy joker ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a joke-maker:

Jerry: That's quite a feed bag you're workin' on there.

Brody: It's for all of us. Is there a problem?

Kramer: Brody, c'mon. He's just kidding. He's a joke maker. Tell him, Jerry.

Jerry: I'm a joke maker.

Bruiser Woods said...

I bet if you read the fine print in his contract, you'll find that Mr. Hemmer was promised his choice of any of the Fox foxes if he agreed to sell his soul to Mr. Murdoch. Question is, which will he choose? I've always liked Cathering Herrige. Or maybe he's into the post-op Greta?