Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8 coverage teaser

Just back from MotownPhilly -- what a town! And did they ever do it up for awareness on Saturday. Although I doubt most of the million+ crowd even knows how many countries are in the G8, they do love them some Jay-Z. Do they ever!

Detailed analysis to come tomorrow...

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Murphy's Lawyer said...

Hate to jump the gun, but I have one comment on the MTV coverage: Woeful. If I had to hear one more insipid veejay say how "cool" or "awesome" it was to be in Philly or in London or backstage, or wherever, while some artist I'd actually like to listen to is playing live over their heads...oh never mind. What might have been great television turned out to be just a long infomercial for the future DVD release. MTV was a little over the top with its self-love during Live Aid, but at least you got to see and hear the bands for the most part.