Monday, July 11, 2005

IKEA Wants to be a Real Lifestyle Choice

Word on the grocery stores aisles is that IKEA plans to enter into the food business. See link:

Will this food be hard actually eat and come with minimal cooking instructions using no words? Will their Swedish treats be cheaply made of wood-like products? Perhaps only time will tell. However, if ther new line of food is as good as their frozen yogurt cones, we'll be in business. These wonderfully creamy non-fat cones are seriously the bomb, and worth the whole $1 you spend on it. No joke.


Bruiser Woods said...

I was shocked to find that IKEA now sells appliances. No more cardboard TV's and microwaves in those snazzy showrooms -- now they feature heavy metal, which IKEA will gladly sell you. But apparently the TVs only show ABBA videos and the ovens and microwaves are only good for cooking tiny meatballs. it off with a cold lingenberry soda, and who cares? Am i right?

Elle Woods said...

Heee...Yer purty funny. Another IKEA oddity: I thought the Swedes make fondue, yet the last time I was there and looking for a fondue pot, there was none to be had!

And the new metal probably still have to put them together with an IKEA-made "easy" soldering iron.

The Goddess said...

And their cinnamon buns... yum.