Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moving Bathrooms

A very funny pal of mine found this extremely entertaining link today that needs to be shared. I literally sat at my desk and HOWLED while reading this fine piece of prose that details the horrors of sitting across from the bathroom on an airplane. This reminded me of a recent conversation with my co-blogger about his painful ride near the bathroom on the Chinatown bus. I know he will pick a better seat next time ;)

So, thank you "goddess" for bringing this to my attention.


The Goddess said...

Anytime, babes.

Moxy said...

That made for a good laugh and a fine distraction from the fact that I am wasting my life away in a khaki (perhaps desert sand) colored cube. I especially liked the drawings and the many references the "stink shield," which is a term I think I will try to use in my daily life. It also occurred to me as I read this poor guy's tale that it would make a great episode of the Stevie show, thought I am sure we would have to change the ending to the plane making an emergency landing. Oh and you must really hate yourself to sit next to the bathroom on a CT bus!

Bruiser Woods said...

A treasure of a post! Many thanks to both "the goddess" and elle for sharing this call to arms against an airlines industry with the nerve to subject its clients to such inhumane conditions.

Moxy -- it wasn't so much self-hate as it was self-kinda-don't-like that led me to the seat next to the 60mph johnny-on-the-spot. That and the misdirected belief that if the two Aussie girls at the back of the bus were tough enough to handle it, so was I. They tried their best to construct a make-shift "stink shield" out of hairspray and Clinique Happy, but I think it only made things worse.