Friday, May 20, 2005

A wise person (otherwise known as my co-blogger here) once commented: "Uhhh...I try to erase AI performances from my biological harddrive immediately upon the crownig of a new champ. Frees up the memory space for capacity to ponder things such as the direction of Britney's career..."

Such wise words...perhaps we should delve into that exact issue long will the craptastic UPN keep this show on? I've watched my share of crappy programs, and this one is the lowest of the low. At least Jessica Simpson's husband is HOT. K-Fed has NOTHING to offer the general public, except apparently very active sperm.

In about 20 years, we'll see some type of scandalous "Behind the Music" special on Britney....


Bruiser Woods said...

I haven't seen the Neilson numbers for "Chaotic" yet, but it is a pretty bad sign when even Access Hollywood's Billy Bush bashes a show (Footnote 1: 5/18/2005 edition of Access).

My esteemed colleague shared a fabulous newspiece on Britney's folly the other day -- . Reccomended reading for those who managed to miss the world's worst pilot episode of a series.

Question -- will Mr. and Mrs. Federline take their shakey camera skills into the delivery room? Let's just hope that doesn't become the centerpiece of UPN's sweeps fare.

Mon said...

Hey I will have to admit, I watched this stupid show, and I was embaressed for her! She is such an idiot!

The Goddess said...

I hate myself for laughing at "very active sperm." The ppl who have no business reproducing are always the ones who have no problem getting laid.

Elle Woods said...

This week's edition of "Crapotic" included these fine snippets:

- extremely up close kissing with slurping sounds
- discussion of farting in the car
- lots of up-the-nose shots
- britneys fear of flying
- britney essentialy wearing a nightgown as a top in her side talking, with her boobs really sticking out
- britney shares what love is to her

I think I'll purge now.