Thursday, May 19, 2005


Where do we start? Well, I guess first is welcome. Welcome, many readers, to our new blog. Since my fellow blogger and I have extremely similar interests and thoughts yet are seperated by a few hundred miles, we thought we'd bring our charm and humor together in one space. Miles may be between us, but the wonderous world of the almighty Internet keeps us joined.

Anyway, our fair readers, feel free to read our fine commentary, comment back to us, and sip the drink of your choice while doing so.


hciudad said...

Welcome to the internets. They are fantastic.

Lloyd61 said...

I would like commentary on the following subjects:
1) The impact Pacey's affair with his teacher, Ms. Jacobs played in future outcomes of such court cases as Mary Kate Letourneau's.

2) Did Lucy Liu's appearance as a waitress at the Peach Pit lead her to her future role in feature films, or was it the major plastic surgery that did it?

3)Why Moira Kelley cut her hair like that. Yick.

Bruiser Woods said...

Comments on this comment (in order of appearance):

1) The Pacey/Ms. Jacobs affair did indeed have an impact on teacher-student love affairs what were brought up in the courts subsequently. In fact, I bet if you do a little research you'll find that Kevin Williams served as an expert witness in a few depositions of such cases.

2) Lucy Liu had plastic surgery? On what??? (Tangent -- I was in Japan when Charlie's Angels 2 (sub-tangent -- what the heck was with the "Full Throttle" in the title???) was released, and found that my male Japanese colleagues were all puzzled by the appeal of Lucy Liu. Thought that was interesting.)

3)Who is Moira Kelley?

Elle Woods said...

Bruiser..Moira Kelly is the chick from "The Cutting Edge." Surely you've seen that film (and don't play stupid with me!).
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


--- ---

You are invited to join There are dozens of color themes to choose from at the bottom of the home page. You will get lots of comments on your blog because it's a community blogging site. There's a blog ladder, an entry ladder and you can build your own blog ladder.

Have a great day!

Bruiser Woods said...

Cutting Edge...yeah...right...I saw that.

I'm sad that "anonymous" doesn't have anything to contribute re: Lucy Liu's plastic surgery. The only "ladder" I want is the Little Giant. That is the coolest infomercial since Ron Popiel's GHL bald-spot-covering spray.