Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Just like the lovely Living Colour song (look it up on iTunes if you've never heard it), it seems as if the world has moved into nothingness. No more "American Idol" (really, no more Constantine) to torture myself with every week, and hopefully soon, no more of Britney's horrid show "Chaotic" (it has to be cancelled already, doesn't it??).

So, perhaps I'll take a card from the lame Bush twins book and continue on in nothingness. It seems as if these fine gals have nothing to do with their time. Check this out: http://www.wonkette.com/politics/white-house/bush-twins-unemployment-index-may-edition-101814.php

What do they do in all their nothingness? Would they be like me and catch up on their DVR'ed 90210 reruns? Are they planning on being groupies for the nationwide "American Idol" tour? Or perhaps they didn't get turned down to perform for the new Live Aid, like the Spice Girls did.

Regardless, it seems that the twins follow their father in not caring about jobs and unemployment in this country (which, of course, is just one of the many issues their dad doesn't seem to care about, but that's a story for another time).


Bruiser Woods said...

Happy May 31!

I thought the blonde one was set to teach in Columbia Heights? What came of that? Did she not get accepted to "Teach for America" or something?

Speaking of Columbia Heights, when is that Target going to open? And (perhaps more important) will it have a shopping cart escalator ala the Gaithersburg Target Mecca???

Reference to a Living Colour song? How wonderfully obscure! In the words of that couch-jumping, Oprah-shaking, Katie Holmes-lovin' Tom Cruise -- "You complete [the shameless pop culture whore side of] me".

Chaotic. Hmmm...somehow I sense I will again tune in only to tune out moments later. 2 seconds of sloppy kisses and declarations of a former teen star's horniness is about all I can handle in a week. But without it my week feels empty somehow...

Elle Woods said...

Jenna, I think, must have put off doing the teaching gig for a while. Or perhaps she just applied to do it and didn't get accepted. All I know is that they are spotted around town a lot drinking (not that there's anything wrong with that).

No word on the Target in Columbia Heights. I certainly haven't seen a groundbreaking for it...

Did you watch "Chaotic" last night? I'm soo soo sad that I missed it.

And I have I mentioned you are so dern funny?

Lloyd61 said...

Hi. I think it was Barbara. The smart one.

Also, they are really just following in their daddys footsteps. What do you think will happen to him come January 2009? You dont think he's going to WORK do you?