Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Turducken – Not Just Another Mystery Meat

As Thanksgiving rapidly approaches, we all must fondly reflect and consider the many things for which we’re thankful. This year I want to give thanks for an important part of American cuisine – the turducken. This often laughed at delicacy truly demonstrates American ingenuity. We should thank our inventive forefathers, be it in Cajun country or eastern Texas, for dreaming big and not stopping until each bird was securely stuffed. I’m sure many, many hours were spent toiling over the oven to perfect this wondrous creation. Melding the layers of turkey, duck, chicken and stuffing takes a gentle hand, hours of patience, and a strong stomach (as the above image looks a little “interesting”).

Let us also thank famed football announcer John Madden for sharing the once strange idea of several birds stuffed into each other. It was John who talked about this magical delight and gave the turducken its now famed recognition. I hope you take time to read this National Geographic tribute to the turducken, as you too will become thankful for the turducken. And the next time you have 12-16 hours to spare, perhaps you should say, “I’m going to make a turducken!”


Bruiser Woods said...

While I've been intrigued by the concept of the "turducken" (or "chuckey" as Wikipedia claims it is also called), this is perhaps one of the least appealing food photos I've ever seen. I mean, did it explode or something? I think I'm gonna be sick...

Paul Adams said...

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Lloyd61 said...

mmmm. If ever have my own thanksgiving, we will definitelyt have Turducken. I also find it interesting that someone with pet training products felt it appropriate to add his own link... perhaps he is hopeful that you will raise your own turkey/duck/chicken with which to create your turducken feast.