Monday, November 14, 2005

VH1: Where One Washed Up Star Show Leads to Another

I’m not typically a voracious purveyor of VH1 programming, but this weekend Peter Brady coerced me to watch. Yes, you know, Christopher Knight, the washed-up, now over-40 former member of the Brady family. Since his pre-pubescent days on my favorite after-school rerun, he’s gotten buff and landed himself a hot model from my co-blogger’s favorite show, “America’s Next Top Model.” Of course, they didn’t meet on the street; these two met on yet another VH1 reality show where former stars go for a few more bucks, “The Surreal Life.” I must be getting old (or perhaps skanky, like his 22-year old “Top Model” babe) since I watched four episodes of the pleasant “My Fair Brady” soley because I found Peter to be charming and attractive. Perhaps Chris Knight isn’t so washed up afterall…

Anyway, things quickly went downhill after the conclusion of “My Fair Brady.” VH1’s tricky, cross-marketing efforts brought me to yet another show with washed up celebrities.
“But Can They Sing” is the latest attempt by pseudo celebrities to grasp one more shot at fame thinking they are trying out for “American Idol.” I watched it primarily for glimpses of the still-hot Antonio Sabato Jr., but the show’s concept and singing participants are just ridiculous. Do you know Bai Ling or Michael Capon? Neither do I, but apparently they are celebrity-enough to get on this show. Sadly, this show was just so bad I wasn’t even amused at its lameness. Whatever you do, no matter how bored you are, do not watch this show. Back to 90210 reruns I go.

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Bruiser Woods said...

Dude...a Power Ranger singing? Too bad he couldn't get the original Pink Ranger to sing backup. She was hot.