Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tony Danza Bonanza, indeed!

How’s this for a way to celebrate Columbus Day? As I was walking home from the dry cleaners yesterday I nearly tripped over Tony f’n Danza on my block! Ay oh, oh ay!

This is huge! I mean, this man wields such power that he has starred in at least 3 sitcoms as characters named “Tony” and helmed not one, but TWO shows titled “The Tony Danza Show”! (According to IMDB, he also served as executive producer for some TV movie called “Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17”, but I don’t remember that one.)

Why NYC chose Antonin Scalia and not Mr. Danza as their Italian-American rep to grand marshall the Columbus Day Parade, I’ll never understand.

To try to make up for this slight, I hereby dedicate today’s STSS post to Anthony Salvatore Iadanza. Thanks for making TV worth watching, Ton’!


Elle Woods said...

I can only dream that I will run into Judith Light, so I can do a tribute to her. That would be special.

Lloyd61 said...

Although I agree a tribute to Judith Light is in order - especially with regard to her Lifetime Television for Victims videolog (Did you see the story of Ryan WHite - her performance was heart wrenching... almost as much as the one about women in prison) However, I think a really a tribute to Katherine Helmond would be the way to go. Do you know that chick is 80?

Elle Woods said...

I think I saw Katherine Helmond on something very recently...in fact, it was one of Bruiser's favorites, "Everyone Loves Raymond"!

Bruiser Woods said...

Damn my not having TiVo! Did "Mona" play a sex-starved oxagenarian out to bed Ray Barrone? Or has she traded her oversized libido for bifocals and a comfortable rocker?

Elle Woods said...

Hmm...I'm not sure what she played. I don't watch that show, as it is for the over-50 year olds out there. He he he.