Sunday, October 16, 2005

2006 Olympics Here We Come!

Bruiser and I are jazzed for the 2006 Olympic hockey tryouts. While Bruiser explored the U.S. curling circuit (for real!), he determined that a sport using a broom on ice just wasn't for him. And I just couldn't muster up enough fake emotions, or brightly colored sequined outfits, to continue any further on the ice dancing circuit. So, these "challenges" have brought us to the two-person team mini hockey competition. While we expect tough battles from the Kyrgykstan and Oman national teams, we believe our training and ample match play will be tough to beat.


Anonymous said...

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Murphy's Lawyer said...

Um...if it means reading about College Republicans being fed to lions, or something like that, then, well, maybe...

The Goddess said...

We'd rather be dead, but thanks for asking.

Bruiser Woods said...

Mini plastic hockey sticks beat chasing after a heavy rock with a Swiffer any day. Bring it on, Oman!

Elle and I are now taking suggestions for a team name. The winner of our contest will have the honor of being crowned "Mr./Ms. STSS" for the entirety of next week. Let the contest begin!

Bruiser Woods said...

I think true college republicans like chocolate candy gift

And they hate punctuation

Elle Woods said...

Yes Bruiser, your idea for our team name is an excellent idea. However, the only team name we'll outrightly deny is "Chocolate Candy Gift." Gotta be more creative than that.

And yes, the winner will have a photo up with a crown!

Jen said...

I think you should call yourselves College Republicans. I can't imagine anything scarier than a pair college republicans running around drunk with hockey sticks. Kyrgykstan would immediately forfeit.