Sunday, October 23, 2005

Not Neo-Olsens, But Real Neo-Nazis

No, these chicks aren't the Olsen twins' younger sisters. They are more like evil twins. For your daily piece of disturbing information, check out this article about two freaky 13 year olds who are singing about white supremacy. Brainwashed by their evil parents, they make records singing about how the white race needs protecting. I'm sure it won't surprise you that they are home schooled (I will not even go on a tirade about that today...). And I'm sure it won't surprise any of us when they turn to the dark side one day and become hoochies.

Anyway, this is just what pop music needs (note my sarcastic tone). If I ever hear these fools on the radio, I will immediately run out and buy an Ashlee Simpson album, because although she is annoying, she is not spreading hate.


Bruiser Woods said...

Elle -- You beat me to this one. Just what the Billboard charts need. Teeny bop white power pop. Yikes.

But you're wrong about Ashlee Simpson. She does spread hate. Hatred of acid reflux.

The Goddess said...

I hate myself chuckling at "white-power pop."