Sunday, October 30, 2005

Special Plates Are Too Wiggy

This may truly be the most unique custom license plate in America....the "Square Dancer" plate, available to all you West Virginians out there. I thought Nascar plates, or a bowler plate (for real - this does exist), was funny, but nothing is quite as bizarre as this. Don't ya love the flowy skirt image? Next time I register a car in WV, I'm getting a fun plate like this.


Anonymous said...

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Murphy's Lawyer said...

Hey, Anonymous, peddle your crap elsewhere.

Elle, those are some sad plates, but I have to believe MD has something as bizarre. Pretty much every organization known to man has their own specialty plate in the Free State:

Vern said...

Ah, man, what a rip!! There's no NAMBLA plates!!!

The Goddess said...

Re getting a plate like that: You do and I'll take every cool point you've ever earned (and you got SEVERAL for your "Crack Dealer" plate).

Elle Woods said...

Well, at least the Maryland "Free Square Dance Club" doesn't have actual people in flowy skirts on the plate -- it just has the name!

Anyway, for Xmas, everyone is getting special plates from me. And heck, I may get a special "Crack Dealer" one for myself.

Lloyd61 said...

oh please, you havent registered a car in your life.

Anonymous said...

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