Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This drones on a bit...

Elle and I love us a good rant. Especially when it is directed at the evil liberal print media! And given that this rant relates to unmanned aerial vehicles (a secret passion of mine in a former life), the synergies were too much not to blog about.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently decided to have a little fun with its angry readership by turning readers' phone calls into a wacky podcast. In this pilot (no pun intended) episode, a word-wise reader bitches out the editors of the paper for their use of the tautology "pilotless drone" as a synonym for UAV. For shame!

And in a first for STSS, I have linked below to a fun music video somebody made of the call. Enjoy!

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Elle Woods said...

Oh Bruiser...where do you find this stuff! I think my fave part was the guy, who is trying to be all smart, kept referencings "sub editors." I wanna know what that is. Is it an editor of a submarine, or is that redundant?