Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Morning Stank

Yeah, here we are again with another food-related gadget, but at least this time it's unique, useful and zany. Here we have the "Wake 'n Bacon," a devilish device that awakes sleeping beauties with the aroma of a cooking cured pork product. Pretty funny, huh? Well, this is just a prototype, as the inventor-in-chief is looking for a manufacturer, so don't rush out with your gold card just yet.


Lloyd61 said...

This is another reason why you should watch The Office. Michael likes waking to the smell of bacon so he wakes up, puts bacon on his GF Grill and hits snooze for 10 minutes so that when he wakes up -- bacon!

Bruiser Woods said...

I like it because it is made of wood.
And looks like a pig. Let's make this man a millionaire!

I think lloyd61 needs one of these.