Friday, February 16, 2007

Honoring a Great Man

It's a sad day. The inventor of the TV remote control died today. This man was truly a patriot. When TV was in its earliest (and obviously crappiest) stages, he toiled long hours so that millions around the world could sit on their collective asses and and bask in the glow of television. In 1956 when the Zenith Space Command remote control was debuted, did he imagine the almost 400 channels that are available today? I'm guessing not. Frankly, in my book, he stands next to the inventor of TV as one of the world's greatest people ever.

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Bruiser Woods said...

As Steve Miller made us all Space Cowboys, Eugene Polley made it possible for us all be to be Space Command-oes. Thanks, Mr. Polley! Hope they have TiVo in Heaven (I'm sure they do).