Thursday, November 02, 2006


McDonalds' McRib sammich has creeped me out for at least two decades. Perhaps it's because the McRib in no way resembles an actual rib, and I fear the lab where this was created? Or maybe it's the pickles on the sammich, which seem like an odd condiment for any rib-like product. Anyway, a few years ago Mickey D's said they were axing this craptastic sammich for good. However, due to "popular demand," McRib is back for its Farewell Tour Part Deux. Who are these people who "demand" to eat this psuedo-pork McCrappy sammich? It's best to just blame it on other explanation makes sense.


Bruiser Woods said...

I bet they're bringing this back "for a limited time" because they found a few boxes of faux rib mix in the back of a warehouse.

Pickles and ribs? That's McInnovation!

The Goddess said...

I believe I speak for most sane people when I say that I'd rather be dead than put that colossal food-related mistake anywhere near my digestive tract.

And did anyone else throw up in their mouth just a little bit at the phrase "faux rib mix"?

Lloyd61 said...

Clearly none of you have actually EATEN the McRib. Its sweet yet somewhat spicy sauce, its pork-like meat flavoring, the consistency - its genious in its most delicious form.
I work right next to a McDs - I'll have to see if they sell lunch this early.

The Goddess said...

"Clearly none of you have actually EATEN the McRib."

You're damn skippy about that. And that's how it's going to stay.