Monday, November 20, 2006

I *Heart* The Bell

Can you imagine ever eating $12,500 worth of Taco Bell? Have you already eaten $12,500 in double decker tacos in your lifetime? If so, I applaud you. Anyway, The Hell is offering $12,500 in Taco Bell bucks if you donate that Playstation 3 you just slashed someone at Wal Mart for. I'm serious. I could totally wait until later for a PS3 if I got a lifetime supply of calories. Just think of the party you could throw...


Bruiser Woods said...

$12,500 is way more than a lifetime of taco hell. I think I'd roll over dead at about $8,658 worth of Chalupas. I guess I'm just a sissy.

Do you think I could get a decade of Nacho Supremes for my PS2? Or a weekend of soft tacos for my original Nintendo? Or a large Pepsi for my old Tamagochi?

And what the heck is that a picture of? Please tell me that is you at Halloween!

Anonymous said...

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