Monday, August 22, 2005

I Miss Mix Tapes/CDs

It seems the wonderous invention of the iPod has thrown the idea of mix tapes or cds onto the shelves of the past. Every scroll of the wheel comes a mix of old and new favorites when you are porting around Steve Jobs' piece of genius.

Here is a nice little story about the deep contributions of mixes. They really are the stories of our lives.

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Bruiser Woods said...

ahhh...mixes. So true. But it wasn't the iPod that killed the mix -- it was the recordable CD. The real charm point of the mix on tape was that you had to listen to every song. No easy access to the "good songs" like on a CD. To skip a song meant the possibility of fast-forwarding ahead too far or not quite far enough. Truly a pain in the ass. No, you really were best off listening through every song. And quite often you wound up liking the songs that initially you would have passed over. They really were an 80s/early 90s art form.

Did they ever profile the mix tape on "I Love the 80s/90s" on VH1? They really should have. Now that I think of it, they also should have profiled those oft-advertised "Freedom Rock" compilation CD/tape/LP/8-tracks from the late 80s. "Is that Freedom Rock?" "Turn it up, man!"