Thursday, August 11, 2005

Are YOU Ready for the Next AI Auditions?

Help is here for the thousands (and I know who you are) who plan on auditioning for America's favorite TV show, "American Idol." I'm sure this book will help you make it straight to Randy, Simon and Paula. And if not, I'm guessing there are several other "services" that will show you how to make it big on Idol, with three easy payments of $49.95. Thanks to a loyal reader for sharing this important piece of information. And, if you make it big and get to meet Constantine, please give me some love.

1 comment:

Lloyd61 said...

I can tell you right now how to make it on Idol for 1/3 the cost.

1) Be Miss Teen Georgia
2) Be a really hot blonde (male or female)
3) Sound like Macy Gray (no other star, certainly NOT Whitney Houston, but apparently Ms. Gray is the one to sound like in this competition
4) WHatever you do, no matter how good your voice is, do not be fat. Strike that - do not be a fat WOMAN
5) For pete's sake. They do not want to hear your piece of original music.