Monday, August 22, 2005

Craiglist: A Plethora of Fabulousness

Craigslist postings constantly amuse me. Here are two goodies found today by Lloyd61. Thanks, Hoochie.
POSTS: A Really Lame Life and Porntastic. Both are just so bizarre.


Bruiser Woods said...

"Dress up like your favorite porn star" at Club Vida? Yikes! So many options! Anyone got an 8-ball I can borrow?

The Spy Museum is pretty cool. I just didn't realize it was a meat market. If I had known, I would have worn my shiny shirt and splashed on a little old spice. Maybe next time. And I won't forget to bring my fake-CIA ID, either! Discount admissions get all the ladies!

Lloyd61 said...

Is there some way to switch the responses on Craigs list so the Non-Alcoholic/Abstinence folks are directed to the porn party and vice versa? Cause THAT would be fun.