Monday, January 07, 2008

Pull up a POÄNG and have a listen... this crazy tale of a nutter living in the IKEA in Paramus, NJ this week. Is this performance art? Hope he doesn't OD on lingonberry drink.

Heck, anything is better than watching Hulk Hogan's bastardization of American Gladiators. He took something that was beautiful and turned it into network TV schlock. A travesty.


Elle Woods said...

Bruiser always finds the best stuff. I think I'd rather live in Pottery Barn though. Their linens are nicer. But I guess they have no meatballs there.

Lloyd61 said...

Exactly. In pottery barn you'd be tempted by all of the good smelling candles and you might be tempted to eat one. But dont. They do not taste like they smell.