Friday, January 25, 2008

Bacon Vodka - A Dream of Others

I feel like I'm talking about bacon all the time now. Strangely, I'm not even a bacon lover. Regardless, here's a tidbit about BACON VODKA dedicated to those who love bacon (my many friends) and those who love vodka (me). Since I'm an avid flavored-vodka creator, I know what gift the bacon lovers in my life will soon receive. I'll let them ponder how to use this in a cocktail.


Lloyd61 said...

holy crap. I never have to worry about what to get Phil ever again!

Bruiser Woods said...

This might be acceptable if it were partnered with a sausage-flavored beer chaser.

The Goddess said...

If any of this shows up under my Valentine tree, I swear I'll disown you as my friend.