Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chicken Fried Yum

As an homage to my many bacon-obsessed friends, the wonders of fried food, and my own love of Texas, I give you chicken fried bacon from Texas. For those unfamiliar with the term "chicken fried," it essentially means that the item is made like fried chicken, or coated with a flour batter of sorts and fried. Texans, likely bored with simply grilling up a steak, have made the "chicken fried steak," served with a side of white gravy, an integral part of Texas culinary traditions.

That brings us to
this video, telling the wonderous story of chicken fried bacon. Watch and enjoy. I think Anthony Bourdain would be proud of this. Travel Channel execs, please take note (and include me on this shoot if you go). And thanks, John.


Lloyd61 said...

Note that chicken fried STEAK is a breakfast food.


Bruiser Woods said...

My arteries feel more clogged just for having watched that video.

The Goddess said...

Chicken fried ewwwww. Do you have to order this with a shot of whiskey just to make sure your blood stays thin enough to keep moving through your veins?