Friday, March 10, 2006

Name This Car!

Naming cars is almost as popular as naming houseplants. Everyone is doing it, especially chicks. Since I'm not a big "car namer," my mom has always named my cars for me. In my younger years, I had Beluga (a lovely aqua-tinted Toyota MR2.I was the coolest chick in high school). Now, I pop around the city in Topper (a friendly blue VW Cabrio).

Anyway, I have a friend who takes the naming of her car very seriously. A car's name must show off its personality, sound pleasant and not be utterly ludicrous. It's essentially like naming a child. This same friend currently is pondering the name of her new-to-her, green VW Jetta. She has a few names in mind, but could use some inspiration. What says green Jetta to you? Hopefully, this picture will arouse you to dream up a fabulous name and then respond below.

Let the games begin!


Bruiser Woods said...

How about Kraus, in reference to the sassy German housekeeper on the hit TV show Benson? (at least, I think she was German...)

Kermit is too easy. And was taken by my car for the two days I tried naming it.

My cousin once had a car named Bowie. I thought that was pretty cool. And David Bowie is pretty popular in Germany.

Oh, oh...I got it! Hasselhoff! Germans love that guy! It must be named Hasselhoff! Debate closed.

Lloyd61 said...

How about Frank?

little_lulu_ said...