Monday, March 27, 2006

Love and Hate at Wal-Mart

I have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart. I hate how they force retailers to package things how they want it, censor fine rap music, put small businesses in the toilet, treat their fine employees and lack high-end bottled water. On the other hand, a Wal-Mart Supercenter (especially the fine Supercenter in Martinsburg, WV where they even have seltzer - a rare find for Wal-Mart) is really the only place in America where there is everything that you need. Beer, prescription drugs, guns, somewhat trendy clothes made of crappy fabric in China, $2.50 DVDs, and all things camoflauge...its all under one roof.

I was reminded of my love-hate feelings this morning when I
read a story of a guy who lives in a Wal-Mart for a few days. This real-life story is even better than the crappy Natalie Portman flick where she gives birth in a Wal-Mart (how that didn't ruin her career, I just don't know).


The Goddess said...

But wait! Wal-Mart is now going upscale, carrying such merchandise as a $557 bottle of wine. I think I have upgraded to a hate-hate relationship with them.


Elle Woods said...

I, too, read the story of the high-end Wal-Mart in Plano, TX, an upscale suburb of Dallas which oddly was "famous" in the 80s because of teen suicide packs. Very strange. Anyway, I'd say Chevy Chase is ready for an upscale wonderland such as Wal-Mart. Heck, I can't even find a dress in the tri-state region, BUT I haven't been to wal-mart. Perhaps that is the answer...