Monday, March 20, 2006

My Target 'tis of thee...

Talk about shock and awe.

I was appalled to learn last week that President Bush’s former domestic policy advisor, Claude Allen, got busted in a sloppy attempt to defraud my very favorite Montgomery County, MD Target store. But according to, there might be a valid explanation for Mr. Allen's seemingly anti-American behavior.

Last week’s episode was pretty damn funny, too.


Elle Woods said...

How could anyone defraud the infamous 2-story Target with a cart elevator??? Even if this dude just thought about being untruthful to this fine store, he should be locked up and forced to listen to presidential news conferences (where certain presidents use the word "secede" instead of "succeed").

Lloyd61 said...

I love how this article discussed that he mentioned some guys association "with the queers" and He testified that he didn't mean to disparage gays, but was describing the odd people around Hunt's campaign.

Right... ODD people