Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Freakiest College Around

As I was was driving around Loudon County, Virginia over the weekend I remembered an eerie article I read a few months back about a newish college out in VA that "trains" Christian boys and girls to be politicians. Obviously, I fear additional wacko right wing nuts entering America's political system, but I get nightmares when I envision these kids dressed in their southern frat boy/sorority girl outfits (diagonal wide striped ties, navy blue blazers, Duckhead khakis and women in perfect strands of pearls and ballet flats) wandering around my hometown. I saw this creepy college from my convertible and immediately felt icky, but I did feel a little glee when I realized the campus was really ugly.

Just to tease you, here are a few tidbits from this tantalizing tale of the dark side:
  • During class hours, the college enforces a “business casual” dress code designed to prepare the students for office life
  • About 85% come from home schooling
  • Two of the kids profiled wanted their first kiss to be at their wedding.
  • One kid sent out a nine-page e-mail to the entire student body before the spring formal reminding the girls to dress modestly.


The Goddess said...

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for raising me not to be a Jesus Freak. I will remember this with kindness in a few years when I am choosing your nursing home.

Bruiser Woods said...

A few comments:

-- Virginia is a scary place. That this school is there should come as no surprise.
-- Do they still make Duckhead khakis?
-- What is worse -- "business casual" enforced in the classroom, or the site of a bunch of guys in the latest American Eagle-chic and gals who shouldn't be but are wearing low-rider jeans?
-- I'm all for home schooling...provided the lessons are given by Schoolhouse Rock.
-- How awkward would it be to attend a wedding where you had to watch a couple's first kiss ever?
-- What does one say in a 9-page email about dressing modestly? This guy seriously needed an outlet for some sexual tension and took it out on his poor hotmail account. Sad, really.
-- Did you have to rub it in that you drive a convertible, missy? Some of us feel lucky just to have a MetroCard.

Elle Woods said...

Ahhh Bruiser, you never cease to make me giggle. You make some very very fine points. And yes, they still make Duckhead apparel. Ick.