Monday, October 16, 2006

Vodka Tasting - Numero Uno: Battle of the Flavors

A few friends and I have dedicated ourselves to finding the perfect vodka for every occasion. It is not an easy task, as we must subject ourselves to several rounds of sipping many selections. First we must taste each vodka straight up (with an optional ice cube), then each vodka with seltzer, and lastly each vodka in some type of mixed cocktail.

This round included three females and one male. All pledged their devotion and excitement for the event. And, following the event's conclusion, all pledged to participate in future tastings.

Tasting Numero Uno: Citrus and Vanilla Vodkas

Lineup - Part A: Ketel One Citroen versus Absolut Citron
(mixed cocktail for this round: vodka, cranberry and a tad of limeade....named last evening the "East-West Highway")
Winner - Part A: Ketel One easily wins the straight, with seltzer and with mixer categories. Due to how sucky Absolut tasted versus Ketel One, we have all signed contracts banning Absolut Citron from our lives, unless we're serving it to large dumb groups or people we don't really like. One taster repeatedly commented about the "Lemon Pledgey-ness" of the Absolut. The group unanimously thought the Ketel One was very smooth in the mixed cocktail.

Lineup - Part B: Solti Vanilla versus Absolut Vanilla
(mixed drink for this round: vodka and Coke Zero)
Winner - Part B: Stoli Vanilla wins the with selzter category, but Absolut Vanilla wins in the mixed drink category. Absolut Vanilla seemed to hide the fake sweetener in the Coke Zero better than the Stoli. So diet drinkers: heed the warning!

Next up: Battle of the plain vodkas. Stay tuned.


The Goddess said...

I wonder whether Lemon Pledge can sue me for defamation?

Lloyd61 said...

not if they taste it. Then they'll just agree.

Elle Woods said...

I wonder if Lemon Pledge is really toxic, and if not, perhaps it should have been added to the tasting lineup.

Bruiser Woods said...

Lemon Pledge? Reminds me of the drain cleaner cocktail in Heathers. "Corn nuts!"

I like the "East-West Highway". Looking forward to finding out which new concoction gets dubbed "Grubb Grog".

Elle Woods said...

Well there is already the "Grubb Road" cocktail (lemonade, vodka and a splash of Razmatazz...with the option of going low-cal and using fake lemonade). Maybe for the holidays I'll creat the "Grubb Glog" and be all Scandanavian.

BTW, excellent Heathers reference...

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