Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This is Me

I saw this photo* yesterday and I was reminded of myself. This is how I feel a lot of evenings as I surf cable's finest programming options and ponder my uber-white skin. Argh.

*Photo altered slightly for beer preference.


Lloyd61 said...

Do you sit with your hand in your crotch like this cat as well?

Bruiser Woods said...

This is SO inaccurate. You can't find Yuengling pounders in Monkey County! (Can you?)

And I wouldn't be able to share blog space with you if you were a cat, because I'd be allergic to you and wouldn't be able to breathe. That would suck.

Elle Woods said...

Bruiser, if you look closely, it's a classic Yuengling bottle...oh la la!


And yes, my hand is always in my crotch. I'm trying to act like a man.

The Goddess said...

Drink for posting this.

The Goddess said...

This is also something I never knew about y'all of the paler persuasions. Do y'all actually sit around and ponder your skin color?

I don't know why I'm surprised -- what with the existence of the whole tanning INDUSTRY, which is designed to bring the pale people of the world artificially closer to the aesthetically pleasing hues of those of us of African descent -- but I am.

Clementine said...

oh my god, it does look like you!