Friday, September 15, 2006

Thanks, WB

The "WB" is my favorite double entendre this week as it's quite ironic that I need to say thanks to a few WBs at the same time.

First, I'd like to thank the World Bank for telling me not to vacation in Somalia or East Timor because of terrorism, armed conflict and epidemic disease (the WB released a new report on places not to travel). YUM! While I was considering these locations for my next exotic canoeing adventure, I will now refocus my efforts into vacationing in Iraq, which strangely is not listed. Umm...I can't even fathom how Iraq is a safe and fun place to grab some marginally fresh meat kabobs and see some blown-up historical sites right now.

As for the other WB, the fine WB network, I must say thanks for the memories. The WB this week will evolve into the CW -- the pulling together of UPN and WB shows into a "new" network. So, thank you for the sappy teen drama with dialogue written specifically for an adult audience (Dawson's Creek). And thanks for sharing the tales of a whiney college student in the big city (Felicity). The countless hours I've wasted (and now continue to waste - thank you Noggin for bringing me DC) made life that much happier for me.


Bruiser Woods said...

The WB was a much more successful experiment than I had ever expected. I will miss it like the deserts miss the rain. (Aren't you impressed by my ability to work Everything But the Girl lyrics into my everyday speech?)

I want a Felicity reunion. I miss whispering Ben and the guy from Good Burger.

Elle Woods said...

LOL - guy from Good Burger. Ha ha ha. I think I need to do a Good Burger viewing here soon...