Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All Hail the Nyfork!

Continuing my fascination with bizarre kitchen products (especially ones that are pimped on late night TV), I stumbled across the Nyfork today. Could this be the world's most perfect eating utensil? No longer do I have to remember to bring the knife AND fork to my table (coffee table that is -- America's favorite place to dine). I really hope to soon see the Nyfork's infomercial. I must learn how many different things this special utensil can cut, cuz I eat pizza with my own greasy fingers (no word on when they will get their own infomercial).


Bruiser Woods said...

This is one snazzy invention. But I'd be afraid of slicing my eyeball everytime I ate from the fork-end of this tool. Granted, it would require some weird eating technique to slice one's eyeball with this, but anything is possible. Perhaps I should piggyback off the inventor's genius and devise my own wheel cover for this thing.

Elle Woods said...

The no splatter wheel cover! There ya go!

The Goddess said...

I MUST have one of thse. It's going on my list of wants just under the mango slicer I saw on Amazon.