Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't Mess With Burritos

This is where I draw the line. Obviously the US faces some serious immigration issues, but damnit, don't mess with burritos! Next to the quesadilla, the burrito may be the world's perfect food (quesadillas are a little better because they are primarily queso). The warm, thick flour tortilla is but a blank palate for an endless array of tasty latin flavors. America's flavor-challenged Anglo-Saxon background could never create such beautiful dish. Perfectly folded in the one of the world's best bread products, the burrito is worthy of saving for a future of well-fed Americans.

So, take away the taquitos. Eliminate the egg rolls. Stamp out schnitzel. Kick out the kim-chi. But please, battle for the wonderous burrito!


Lloyd61 said...

this man hit me where it hurts.
please stay immigrants. please stay.

Bruiser Woods said...

Yeah...I hate it when I get hit in the burrito.

Speaking of burritos, it looks like McDonald's is getting out of the "burritos bigger than your head" business. I guess they figured Chipotle was skewing its food offerings too healthy or something.

And watch what you say about kim-chee and schnitzel. Feel free to trash taquitos, but some foods are sacred.

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