Thursday, December 22, 2005

Licky Licky

In our continuing series of factory and other tourist attraction tours, I recently found myself at the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury, Vermont. Fortunately I didn't go to Vermont just visit B&J's, as the tour was marginally lame AND they charged $3. B&J's isn't the ice cream wonderland you'd hope it to be. There is no "make your own sundae" bar, you can't roll around in large tubs of Cherry Garcia, and you don't get to pick your own ice cream flavor to sample. Visitors are only allowed to sample a tablespoon-size serving of the two flavors of the day.

Clearly, B&J's is not in the class of the Yuengling tour. I'll blame this on the corporatization of B&J's, as it was bought by the massive food/drug/toiletry conglomerate, Unilever, a few years ago. Next thing ya know, corporatization will lead B&J's to only make vanilla ice cream.


The Goddess said...

I'm particularly disappointed by the lack of rolling around in tubs of Cherry Garcia. I mean, why else would you pay $3 to enter the place?

Bruiser Woods said...

This picture really upsets me. It looks like a good friend is about to lick a bunch of whipped-cream-and-chocolate-covered toes. Friends don't let friends do such things.

Elle Woods said...'re right, Bruiser. It does look like toes!! But for my own happiness, I'll continue to think of it as chocolate on ice cream.