Friday, May 23, 2008

Smells Like Poison

Yes, Bret Michaels is as greasy and make-upy in person as he is on TV. Just this week, everyone's fave 80s hair-band rocker was at the Cable Show, looking for new "contestants" for his show. Oops, I mean greeting hordes of adoring ladies -- and groping everyone of them (OK, well, maybe it was just deep hugging). I asked my coworker in this picture (I cropped her out with my excellent photo-editing skillz to protect the innocent) if Bret smelled, and she noted that she didn't sniff him. If you look closely, you will see armpit stains, just proving that he just seems like a dude who would be a little un-fresh.

[Thank you, A.S., for waiting in a long line to meet Bret, and sharing the photo.]

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Lloyd61 said...

Have you ever seen that horrible show of his? the ladies vying for his love arent just slutty, they're skanky. He would TOTALLY smell. Like a mixture of schlitz, bad cologne and cheetos.