Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Heart Curling

While you may know my affinity for ice/snow/chilly sports, few may know that I spent many hours watching curling during the 2006 Olympics. I literally was late for work everyday because I was home watching curling (no lie, it was on in the mornings). And Bruiser is also an enthusiast, having actually gone to a curling open practice!

Well, apparently curling will be coming to primetime TV in 2009 via "Rockstar Curling," a new reality show looking for the USA's next curling star. Celebrities (including secret curling lovers Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen) are being recruited to participate, or act as hosts.

For more important details, check out this Salon story and an item from EngadgetHD.

This show pretty much rules. Although to be honest, I'd prefer "Rockstar Ice Dancing." Way more sexy!


Bruiser Woods said...

What's next? One-hit-wonder Horseshoes? Child-Star Hopscotch?

Elle Woods said...

Hopscotch! Yes! Perfecto!