Sunday, December 09, 2007

International Man of Snoot

I just returned from abroad with this little nugget of humor. It isn't a typical souvenir, but rather an amusing tidbit of an egotistical and haughty fellow countryman.

Story: I met this gentleman in a wine tasting room. He gave me "his card" following tales of living on two continents and wanting to start a business. I almost guffawed in his face when I read his official (and obviously self-given) title.

What to note: Yes, the guy spells the word "connoisseur" in the French way for some unknown (but likely uppity) reason. Surprisingly, he never explained what he is a "connaisseur" (to use his spelling) of! My perverted mind has filed a mental list of possibilities.

What you can't see: The gentleman has phone numbers on three continents (two of the numbers are on the back of the card) and an e-mail address clearly exclaiming "I not just an international man of snootiness, but I went to a damn good school too!"

[Card details blurred to protect the privacy. I feel so kind now.]


Bruiser Woods said...

What the heck is a "wine tasting room"? Should I budget for one of those in my next apartment?

I'm unable to make out from the picture the pretentious academic credentials of your con-ass-sir buddy. It doesn't say "University of Phoenix," does it?

I hope you gave him your card in exchange. This seems like the guy you want to link your Facebook page to.

The Goddess said...