Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Smelly Smelly

Score for the strangest thing I read today...KFC wants to put the aroma of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the halls and offices of corporate America. If only I was lying, but this is from a legitimate press release on the KFC site.

Basically, Colonel Sanders wants to put some kind of smell-o-lator on mail carts to spread the good news of chicken in offices, including here in DC. Frankly, it sounds more like they are spreading nausea to me. Now if they were to do a combined KenTacoHut smell, I'd be into that. Mmm...gorditas + pan pizza + popcorn chicken...


Bruiser Woods said...

This is genius! Question is, what employer in its right mind would allow KFC to stink up their halls with finger lickin' good stank? Sure, there might be a nice financial kickback offered, but think of the increase in health insurance premiums you subject yourself to in enticing your workforce to down a bucket of greasy goodness at lunch?

I just figured out how I'll make my millions...scratch and sniff interoffice mail!

Lloyd61 said...

Would there actually BE KFC in the building or would it be like, "oooh, now Im so in the mood kFC" and then its like, "ha ha sucker."