Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grand Tastings: Pineapple Soda

In the grand tradition of comparison tastings here at STSS, the latest is pineapple soda! Props go to my coworker (thank you Sir Pop View) for dreaming of the pineapple soda tasting. I’m not sure I ever had pineapple soda before this grand showdown.

Participants: Two lovely gentlemen and Elle Woods.
Location: Office conference room.
Favorites: Fanta (by Elle and Sir Pop View) and Jamaican (by a coworker who generally is disgusted by pineapple soda).
Other Coworkers' Views of Tasting: Very sad that we weren't tasting alcoholic beverages.
Current Status of Sodas: In office fridge becoming science experiment.

Overall Thoughts on Pineapple Sodas Tasted:
Jamaican: Candylike, which is why wacky coworker friend liked it best.
Goya: Not overly syrupy; generally decent tasting; 2nd favorite for Elle and Sir Pop View.
Fanta: Probably the most real pineapple flavor; nice fizz.
: Almost like pineapple juice in texture and flavor, but obviously not as good as juice.
Jupina: Strange brownish color; not very fizzy; rather bizarre.

Final Experiment: Mixing all the sodas together! Strangely, this had a decent flavor. When in doubt, mix!


Bruiser Woods said...

What the heck inspired this taste test? Does someone consume this stuff on a regular basis (and if so, why?)? Were all of these procured from the same vendor, or did you have to shop around? I don't remember seeing a "pineapple soda" section in my grocer's freezer.

Elle Woods said...

My coworker likes pineapple soda. All of the sodas were procured at one supermarket (the local Giant on E-W Hway), except for one (which was found at my favorite neighborhood deli).

The Goddess said...

A) Don't ever tell me that I'm wasting taxpayers' money as I while the day away in my government job.

B) Why WEREN'T you tasting booze?